What is the first thing you do before you start trading?

bsbZenbsbZen Posts: 45
Hi all,

Before i will start to trade i wanna make sure mine head is clean and very motivated and relaxed as well to start mine trading sessions. Also very important for me is that i need a cup of coffee first before i will analyse the charts :)

What is your first thing that you will do before start trading? Or maybe you have some advice to give to all members.

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  • ShaunRShaunR Posts: 56
    Hi BSB Zen

    I do something similar to you...

    Usually, before I trade, I go through what I term 'a preflight check' which involves a bunch of things, some of which are:

    * Reviewing my trading journal of the previous 10 - 20 trades taken
    * Expressing sincere gratitude for all the abundance in my life
    * Reconfirm my goals for the session
    * I then clear my mind and simply watch the market for 10 - 15 minutes to get in synch with the rhythm. If work is really busy I cut this down to 5 minutes.

    When ready I take 2 or 3 'paper' trades and then hit it with a big stick.

    Have you ever watched a sports superstar go through a pre-action routine? They do certain things with their bodies, and you can see that, simultaneously, there is a movie running through their mind. This is a process to anchor themselves into a peak state of performance (Tony Robbins), in order to deliver their best, as demanded. This routine puts the athlete into the 'zone' of peak performance.

    I do my fair share of public speaking, and I have my own anchoring routine that I do before going on stage. This process gives me immediate access to my best state, regardless of whether or not I slept well the night before, have a headache etc. I deliver the best experience I possibly can for my audience each and every time.

    My preflight check routine is the same process for my trading.

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