What is the first thing you do before you start trading?



  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 60
    I am an experienced trader as I have been trading from past 5 years. Now it is quite easy for me to trade and I would like to advise you to work on the demo account before starting live trading. It is the first and foremost step for heading towards a prosper career. Thanks!
  • BossBoss Posts: 77
    Many new traders ask this question to me. I always tell them to spend as much time as they can on the demo account. Demo account will suggest how much you know about the market. It is the first step towards the success on the Forex market. Thank you so much!
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 60
    First thing that i do inorder to start trading to do research for myself in order to learn whats the trading in the forex means, after that I try to get intact with some experieced traders inorder to learn from them about the basic strategy of the trading and then go to hire an experienced broker.
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 685 mod
    the first think I do everyday is catch up on the news, what's moving the market, and how that affects my outlook for the asset I want to trade. Also, a fresh look at the technical to see what I think may happen that day.
  • LiverekhLiverekh Posts: 24
    I am trying to be concentrated as much as possible. I like to work in complete peace that means that I even switch my phone off. I keep my focus only on charts and price development, looking for other signals that might pop up and thinking weather some planned trades can be adjusted
  • ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    I prepare myself with cup of coffee, some needed or little above deposit or such and then start to read broker terms and conditions and privacy policy and any other legal info I could get in order to protect myself from the bad situations when I'll start investing honestly. And I recommend you to do the same
  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 107
    The first thing which I do before starting trading is to look at the chart for at least 30 minutes. It gives me an idea to checkout the behavior of the market. The volatility of the market is an important thing to notice before starting a new trading session. Thanks!
  • YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 75
    Every trader has a differenttrading tradition that he or she is comfortable with. What I think cuts accross, or rather should cut accross, include: Revieving your previous trade and your trading progress in your journal, monitoring the market for some time before decide where to enter and studying the trading calender
  • cloud8111cloud8111 Posts: 2
    Acquaint Yourself With the Stock Market.
  • digitalcoindigitalcoin Posts: 4
    bsbZen said:

    Hi all,

    Before i will start to trade i wanna make sure mine head is clean and very motivated and relaxed as well to start mine trading sessions. Also very important for me is that i need a cup of coffee first before i will analyse the charts :)

    What is your first thing that you will do before start trading? Or maybe you have some advice to give to all members.

    Kind Regards,

    BSB Zen


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