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CFD Stocks - help needed



  • ashybangashybang Posts: 2
    Hi there. I tried getting funds back through my bank card however they are unable to help. So basically I've deposited £250 into cfd stocks and I have no chance of either getting any access to it doing any trading or receiving any money back.
    On my own I think if I went to the police nothing would be done.
    However if everybody gets together on this site and also obtained other contacts that have been done and scammed exactly the same we can get them prosecuted and jailed.
    I find it unbelievable they are still advertising now trying to entice other people into their scam.
    They just take your money and that's it.
    We need to do something
    Or just accept it and move on.
    I'm in a very bad position financially and cannot afford to be scammed £250.
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    you are doing something, thanks for letting us all know this broker is a scam. Hopefully people will see this before they go and try to use them.
  • scepticsceptic Posts: 8
    Dear Ashybang, your bank must help you...Go to fraud division at your bank and get a sworn affidavit from the police.They will refer you and tell you what to do.
  • TheObserver1TheObserver1 Posts: 11
    Yes CFD Stocks are total criminals my account manager was Dan Grinburg, I won a few trades and have $28,600USD showing in my account which I can't get to withdraw. I never accepted any bonuses, and traded myself and won, then Dan Grinburg wanted me to trade my winnings on his recommendations, which I wouldn't, and I won for myself. I got my Bank to do a Chargeback, and after 6 months of trying, said they couldn't.
  • TheObserver1TheObserver1 Posts: 11
    Do's anyone recommend a Chargeback company, who can actually get your money back, and are genuine?
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    the problem with the chargeback companies is that the scammers they are trying to save you from can't be found, and they know this. The chargeback is the next level scam.
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