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My name is Marius and currently live in France.
I am professional binary options trader with an experience of over 2 years and because of that, I decided to launch a new project.
The name of this project is "Tree PAMM". It is a normal PAMM, but is a PAMM for binary options.
Why "Tree PAMM"? Because the tree is a symbol of life in continuous evolution, as I hope will be our relationships.

About results, number of trades, risk, profit and other

Results: The win rate is about 62%. This can vary but will remain in the area of profit.

Number of trades: There will be about 50-200 per month. I can't say exactly how many will be.
In binary options is important the quality and not the quantity.

Risk: A maximum accepted risk is 5% of balance.

Profit: With 10$ per trade the average profit per month would have to be 50$+.
But again, I can't say exactly how it will be. But the average will be somewhere at least 50$ per month (with 10$ per trade).

Minimum investment: Because the minimum amount per trade is 5$, result in an minimum investment of 100$ (The maximum risk must be 5%).

The type of investment (Strategy): All trades will be done with the same amount.

Price of service: The price will be 25% of the profit.
*Investments are made on a term of a minimum of one month.

How I will invest?

Because I have enough money in my trading account you will send the money in a wallet. The money will be there as long as your investment is in progress.
Example: I trade with 10$ per trade. If you want to invest 5$ per trade, I'll take your money and put it in a separate wallet, and I'll start trading with 15$ (10$ my investment and 5$ your investment - per trade).
I'm doing this to get rid of many deposits and withdrawals.

How I will send money?

Until now I have not set a payment method. I'm looking for a method by which to pay small commissions.

*I'll post here all the results. The month December is the first month, and because of that, in this month subscriptions are not allowed.
*The maximum amount per trade is 650$, that's why this project will have limited number of subscribers.

For your other questions, I'm here and here

Thank you for reading,


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    TreePAMMTreePAMM Posts: 5

    28 November - 03 December
    23 Win trades and 14 Lose trades
    Win rate: 62,16%

    With 10$ per trade result in a weekly profit of 37,52$.
    After you pay the price for the service ( 25% of profit), result in a net profit of 28.14$.

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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    are you a licensed and regulated investment advisor? You need to be, even for binary options. I'd be careful, the regulators are looking for people like you... I may help them find you...
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    TreePAMMTreePAMM Posts: 5
    Hello again,

    I didn't know that you need one license to offer this kind of service. Thank you for information, and please delete this thread.

    Thank you!
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    TreePAMMTreePAMM Posts: 5
    And account too, if you can. Thank you!
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