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Mechpipzilla strikes again! This time scamming on Trade4me.



  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Kotte said:
    Dont blame trade 4 me This is hard learning for them to !
    Now i will rest my case, and hope nobody else will go for this cam
    Best regards
    Kotte :)

    Nice job.
  • KotteKotte Posts: 17
    Thank you ! I hope the best for every trader in the future ! witout Michel Freeman wannabe ! Best regards Kotte ;)
  • paveljablonpaveljablon Posts: 132
    edited February 2017
    I find it humorous that after his string of losses last week on Mechapipzilla, The Binary Nerd has removed him from the Trade4me leaderboard entirely and is only showing Algobot, the last of the remaining one.

    Classic tactic what they use in FX, hide the accounts that show losses and just show the ones with profit.

    So he's guilty now of cluster trading to amplify his stats as per my first post proved in this thread and of removing his unprofitable signal provider the moment it went under 60%.

    What a bastion of transparency.


    p.s I was asked not to continue this thread by the Hive staff but this is just too brazen of him. He has a lot of answering to do.
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  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Yes Pavel but we know what the answers will be, just more insults. So let's not feed the troll.
  • pantherpanther Posts: 29
    Now he's trying to leech subs on youtube from the Binary Bears. Is there any low this guy lotzofbotz won't drop to? like he is all over the place trying to gouge whatever he can wherever

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