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Smart Options vs. Binary options What is better ?!

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Hi people, my name is Adam Shakowski.
I'm a trader since 2013, I live in Macedonia.
After I graduated from the Faculty of Economics I couldn't find a job.

After that, I had a few thousand dollars in savings so I decided to start trading. After eight months I lost all the capital and learned how these B-Book brokers work and honestly I was a little bit disappointed in that entire system (I was fooled for bonuses and false trading by the account managers).
After that, I found an OptionTrade broker that was good and I had no problems with withdrawals.
Unfortunately, all came to an end, cannot trade anymore (banned trading in Europe.)
And so I run into "AD" Commercial "The First Broker-Less Platform" I was doing a little study about the team and them, their platform is pretty easy to use and they have nice chat support too where you can get any information what you want to know. I can say that I am very satisfied, the whole system of Blockchain is a game-changing idea, I was impressed. Deposit is done in a way that you need to have Ethereum currency (Crypto coin), and using MetaMask or My Ether Wallet, mostly all ERC-20 wallets are possible for deposit, but these two are the most used. The principle is quite simple, they have a very good payout on currency's up to 83%.

You do not trade against a broker, you really do not have enemies here as before with the previous broker, because the broker doesn't care if you lose or earn money. It Is paid directly from the Liquidity Pool, which is filled with millions of $$$ sounds nice? :) These coins from liquidity pool are from investors for this project, so if you win on the trade EUR / USD then you get the money from LP, but if you lose your money goes to LP. takes 2% commission on each trade in which you entered and does not affect your payout. Here you can see a video of how this platform works -

“US citizens are not accepted and some other regions"
The UK residents will be able to trade on the platform from now up to 12 weeks or something like that, which is great!

The best thing is they don't ask for every withdrawal your documents or your ID, you do that 1 time (KYC) and you are fine, they do not call you with "scam" offers every day, they cannot manipulate with the market price, or block your account for withdrawals etc.
And the very big thing is they have "setup signals" which are pretty good with a performance of 65%ITM of winnings.
A big range of expiry to choose from 10 sec, 30 sec, 5min.
If you own SXUT token you get benefits and bigger payouts on pairs etc.

So overall for me, Smart Options are better than Binary options, in the end, at least my funds are safe.
Try for yourself and give me your thoughts.

Cheers, Adam Shakowski


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    We already have a review and a thread dedicated to spectre:
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    We are currently developing a range of strategies to be used on Stay tuned.
    Blue Sky Binary - Research, Education & Technology. Signal Hive - The No.1 Binary Signals Marketplace.

  • EcoTraderEcoTrader Posts: 2
    Hi Okane, you need to update your link Minimal Deposit is 0.10.ETH and that is around $44 - $48 USD dollars.

    Hi BSB, you are doing great work, keep it up!!

    Cheers, Adam
  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    EcoTrader said:

    Hi Okane, you need to update your link Minimal Deposit is 0.10.ETH and that is around $44 - $48 USD dollars.

    Hi BSB, you are doing great work, keep it up!!

    Cheers, Adam

    Thanks we will check it out.
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    Binary options trading is my favorite one as I always dreamt of this type of trading. Now, I feel really blessed that I have found a place where I can work with my own style. It is legal in my locality to trade binary options, what is your story about these options guys?
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