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    LtranLtran Posts: 2

    I was trading with Crypto-Interest Company and they have many hidden fees. At the end of the trade, they assess you with a 10% tax. After you pay thaat, they demand a $10,000.00 International Monetary Transfer Fee. Upon paying that, they want an additional $7,500.00 fee for an International Business Permit Certificate. I think this is all a scam. Anyone else run into this?

    I am going to this scam now and they are very big corporation to scams people who are interesting in Crypto crurrencies. I am so glad that I read it before I fall into this trap again.

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    sanjay307sanjay307 Posts: 2

    Hi ,

    I am from India

    I am talking about FORTUNE FRAMER.

    ANYONE hear this name before. Please suggest me if anyone had a chat with the person from that company. Have you ever got your profits???

    There is one women named as JANE she asked me to invest 300$ she makes a profit of $12510. Now when I asked to get my withdrawals they charge 10% I.e $1251 and I paid this now I then she ask for IMT code and for this I paid $995. And now she asked for IBPC Charges $1535 but this time I denied to them , I asked to the Steve if it is genuine you can paid this on behalf of me. He denied.

    I almost give my 1 year salary to them.

    Is there any website where I can do a complaint for them like cyber crime and all

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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    contact your local financial fraud authorities
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    sunflr_21sunflr_21 Posts: 1

    I can’t believe it I think Iam also being scammed. My trader apparently has 27years of experience. My trader brought me in contact with someone who now told me to pay 470,67 for an ibpc ?? I don’t get it.. as Iam reading that it’s scam I guess Iam also being scammed right ?

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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    yes, you are
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    prabuprabu Posts: 1

    Hi Sanjay,

    Same thing happened to me last week . Thank you for your post. It made me not to pay the said 10% tax charges.

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    DmanDman Posts: 1
    I just found this but already too late. yes embarrassed!!!
    started with 5k... then they asked for 20k to really ramp up to make over 200k... well I did 10k. hen they asked to open 2nd account .I did for 5k. so now 20k sent for primeFX. The platform displays 240k between both accounts. well it gets worse.. 20% fees and then 20% tax's and NOW they want 55k yes 55k for trading cert or will no withdraw my profits. Is there any recourse? I saw a few online ..mychargeback dot com but they want 10k upfront...
    Any options out there?
    Thank you
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    mychargeback is a fruad too, most of the recovery places are, it's the same people who ran the "brokerage" but in a different guise.
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    ianmitchianmitch Posts: 5
    Wow, that's terrible.
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    ashraf88ashraf88 Posts: 1

    Hi Finally I got here,

    I invested a company named sinex $300 and with in 7 days the profit went like $5670 and to withdraw they needed 10% of tax and I paid $567. When I asked to withdraw my profits she asked me to pay $1000 for International Business Permit Certificate.

    I understand they all total scam and please don’t go behind these frauds.

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    ArshokingArshoking Posts: 2

    Same like yours bro ……. Help me if you can ?

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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    It's best to cut losses and walk away.. and avoid any and all "recovery" offers because they are scams too
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    DeeP26DeeP26 Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to share my side of story!! i also got scammed by EarnTradeness.
    On 06.04.2022 – I invested through their India receiver account with $500. So, they told me trade will be for 7 days and you will receive profit.

    I was continuously checking on their website and was shocked with the profit she showed there. It's $77770.

    On 13.04.2022 – Lady asked me to raise a withdrawal request, which I did. On the same day I received an email, saying I must pay 10% tax on this profit before they could release my profit.

    I immediately realized that this is a scam!! But the lady was so convincing on WhatsApp and shared so many testimonies on WhatsApp and Instagram, which ultimately made me believe this is all true.

    Unfortunately, I paid the tax of $5000. Then I received another email saying that the finance manager said that == Money transfer is done but they have been fined by the IMF and I have to pay another $ 3500 to unlock the profit.

    I literally got carried away by this and paid that also.

    On 19.04.2022 – I received an email saying I need to submit an IBPC certificate to get my fund. That will cost another $5000. For a week I avoided them and did some research about this IBPC.

    On 28.04.2022 – I paid for IBPC because and today on 29.04.2022 I received my IBPC certificate which seems to be legit.

    Now they are asking me to upgrade my account to ‘VIP Investment Package’. Now I am not going to pay them anymore.

    Guys PLEASE HELP TO SPREAD A WORD- These people scamming innocent people, who are giving their whole life savings and becoming victims of scams!!

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    sharmasharma Posts: 3

    As anyone scammed by Bellevue asset group ? lately they asked me to pay half of IBPC which is about 2300$ only then they will send the profit amount . As anybody faced this

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    Irampa30Irampa30 Posts: 2

    Hello people, I am going to share my experience about what spammers does to me.

    I am from Rwanda, meet someone called Carla on Twitter, talking about BTC, she told me to invest $200 in their company called PTSBROCKERAGELC and after one month will be $5000. I did it, after two weeks she told me to upgrade, I denied. I told her to first withdrawal the profit. She accepted; during withdrawal she told me to buy IBPC which cost $435 , I paid for it. Now she telling me to deposit $350 for my dormant wallet, I refused.

    thanks for info you have shared, If I have read them now, I can’t be scammed. This info be read and considered by anyone. Now I lost the whole investment and profit. I almost spend my two months salary for these imbecile scammers.

    Bitcoin is loved and scammers become too much wherever, this is how they tell me to hold certificate.

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    BabuntuBabuntu Posts: 2

    Few days ago I invested some usdt on quickforex ltd yesterday I want to withdraw my profit, after that I got an email from them, they wrote need 87$ for imt code, I paid today, after that I got another email from them, they wrote kindly send ibpc certificate. I don’t have certificate. How do I do now?? Is this company legit or not??

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    BabuntuBabuntu Posts: 2

    I request to all of you Beware of this company, Quick Forex ltd. They scammed me. Today

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